Whosoever desires to become great and the first among you, let him be your servant and your slave (Matthew 20:26-27)

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Selfless Service – A key to

“…………Whosoever desires to become great among you, let him be your
servant; and whosoever desires to be the first among you, let him be your
(Matthew 20:26-27)

Our opening scripture underscores
the responsibility of service – selfless service – as key to greatness! Today,
the Lord is letting us know that whoever must be great should be a servant –
One who serves or run errands for others; one who renders selfless service.

You’ve been called to service;
both of God and of mankind. God is mindful of, and concerned about, people more
than anything else. Thus, when you serve people through your work , the Lord
will be mindful of you and bless you as well. He’ll cause everything you do to

The Bible says there’s profit in
all labour (Proverbs 14:23). In other words, when you faithfully render
service, you’ll surely prosper. You may be a policeman, civil servant, or even
the chief executive of a corporation; it doesn’t matter the job or business you
do, when your goal is to render quality and selfless service, your greatness
will be inevitable. Greed has stopped many from serving their nation and people
as they should. Don’t let that be your story. Don’t let the desire for
excessive and inordinate gain be your driving force in life. Refuse to yield
yourself to such.

Become motivated by the joy of
service. Be inspired by the importance and relevance of your job or business
towards the betterment of your society. Make yourself needed, relevant and
indispensable to your generation by choosing to serve, for that is the pathway
to success and greatness.


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for inspiring me today to be
service-conscious, and to be motivated by the dream of impacting others with
the investment of my personality. I pray that You’ll grant me increased grace
and wisdom to serve You and those whom Christ Jesus died for, in Jesus Mighty Name.



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