Bow down Your ear, O Lord, hear me; for I am poor and need (Psalm 86:1)

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(Psalm 86:1)

In one way or another, we can all relate to Psalm 86:1 where
David says, “I am poor and needy”. Even the richest among us should understand
that poverty and need relate more to the spirit than to the wallet. When
billionaire Rich DeVos speaks to groups he often says, “I’m just a sinner saved
by grace.”

Psalm 86 tells us that the help God provides is not measured
by a monetary ledger sheet. When we acknowledge that we are poor and needy,
it’s not so God will lavish material riches on us. No! We do so to open the
door to other, more valuable treasures.

Here’s what God does for the poor and needy. He will
“preserve” our lives and “save” all those who trust in Him (v.2). He will be
“merciful” and “ready to forgive” (vv.3, 5). He will listen to and answer our
prayers (vv.6, 7).

But we’re not to take God’s blessings without giving back.
We have a responsibility to learn God’s ways, walk in His truth, “fear [God’s]
name,” praise the Lord, and “glorify [His] name” (vv.11-12).

Do you consider
yourself among the “poor and needy?” if so, welcome to the club. Let’s not
forget all the spiritual blessings. God has for us and the godly response we
should have towards His generosity – Dave Branon

We’re thankful for the blessings, Lord,

You give us day by day;

Now help us show our gratitude

By walking in your way, O Lord! Amen! – sper

The poorest man is he
whose only wealth is money

May Our God The Almighty prosper Nigeria
and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!


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