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Truthful lips endure
forever, but a lying tongue last only a moment. The Lord detests lying lips,
but He delights in men who are truthful (Proverbs 12:19, 22 NIV)

For more than 30 years, I have stressed that the bottom-line
to real Christianity is having a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus
Christ. I have consistently worked at this. I spent three hours daily with
Jesus Christ in morning devotions; attended prayer meetings and church; taught
the congregation in the church about Jesus Christ; walked two miles, five days
a week; and even become a vegan all in an attempt to connect with Jesus Christ.
But something was missing.

And then it happened. I found the missing link: HONESTY! A personal, intimate
relationship with Christ Jesus isn’t possible unless you are completely honest
with yourself and God. For the first time, I cried out “Honestly” to the Lord,
begging Him to cleanse me of every sin in my life. I thought I was a pretty
good person until the “little skeletons” started falling out of my closet and
then the big ones. My soul was crushed, yet I begged God more and more to show
me what I needed to do to “come clean” in my relationship with Him.

What has this experience done for me? As I have recognized
how my Heavenly Father has blessed me “over and beyond measure” despite my
sinfulness, not holding me in captivity but showering me with so many
undeserved gifts. The question comes to my mind: what will He do now that my
heart is totally surrendered to Him and ready to receive His grace? The thought
just blew my mind!

2ndly, I now try to see people through the eyes
of Jesus Christ. I see what they are becoming, not as they are now! Gone is the
legalism. The whole world looks different!

My plea is, don’t just lay in church and miss eternal life,
as I almost did. Be honest with yourself and God.   As
Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I’m free at last; thank God Almighty, I’m free at
last. And it feels so good.”

Have you been honest with God or are you harbouring some
secret sins in your life? Ask God what it will take to “come clean” with Him,
and see what skeletons fall out of your closet. – By Olujoba


May Our God The Almighty prosper Nigeria
and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

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I am a fun loving, hard working, Christian husband and father, who loves to blog.
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24 Responses to Honesty

  1. Woody Stone says:

    Thank you Bummyla for your Honesty with God and yourself. I read several of your blogs, and it seems that you have a firm grasp of the basics of Christianity. I have one suggestion. It is very good that you believe all things that are in the Bible, and desire to do all the things you read about; but I know from experience that ‘all things’ is not what the Holy Spirit wants you to do. That is the job description of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Our job description is to do our particular part of the overall picture, by following the direction and power of the Holy Spirit for our own life. We do people a disservice by telling them to expect to do all things. God has a specific job for each of us to do. We are at our greatest when we find out what that job in the Kingdom is and do it with all our heart – always striving to do it better. The general “Faith Message” is good, but we work better with the Holy Spirit when we operate in specific Faith.
    Thanks for the ‘pingback’. I’m not sure how pingbacks work (I’m new at blogging); but if they work as I imagine, I can see that God has “pinged” your life through the Holy Spirit, and you are responding appropriately. Keep stirring up your desire to serve God more and more, better and better. The people you influence will appreciate it when you are HONEST with yourself and God.



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