The link between your prosperity and your deliverance

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A dear friend of mine, who is a minster of God, once shared
the testimony of how his daughter got sick and wouldn’t get well even after
series of intense prayers. The doctors couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with
the little girl. Her lips became black and everyone who saw her wondered what
kind of sickness she was suffering from. Every attempt at getting the child
well just didn’t work. Then he opened his wardrobe and packed out all his suits
which were about thirty and took them to church, and gave them as an offering.
After a few days of giving that offering, his daughter was restored back to

The Bible says, “A rich man can buy his way out of
threatened death by paying a ransom….” (Proverbs 13:8 AMP). You see, the things
God has given you aren’t just for you to store up and look at. They’re for you
to redeem your soul. They’re for you to ransom your life and that of your loved
ones. There are times when all your talking and quoting of Scripture wouldn’t
be enough. At those times, only a sacrificial offering will settle the problem!
Therefore, all you need do is look around your house and pull out that
sacrifice and place it on the altar of God. A lot of Christians don’t
understand this stuff and that’s why they get into all kinds of trouble.

When you study Solomon’s life you’ll discover that the key
to his success was in his giving; he was a man who distinguished himself with
the amount of offering he brought to the altar. Not even David, his father,
gave as much as he did. This was why God appeared to him after his phenomenal
sacrifice and said, “Ask what you will”  (1 Kings 3:2-5). His giving endeared him to
the heart of God.


Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank You for empowering me with everything (including wisdom and substance)
to ward off the onslaught of the enemy in my life and that of my loved ones.
Let the sacrificial offering I bring to Your altar be acceptable sacrifice
that’ll take me to a higher level in life, in Jesus Christ Name! Amen!

May Our God The Almighty prosper Nigeria
and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!





I am a fun loving, hard working, Christian husband and father, who loves to blog.
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7 Responses to The link between your prosperity and your deliverance

  1. toomanythorns says:

    While I can’t agree with you view completely, I will say that if him giving up his suits (offering) is what saved her. I would guess that it was less the offering and more the heart behind the offering that God saw. He clearly teaches he requires obedience, not sacrifice…. We also have to remember God is sovereign and does things we don’t always understand and can’t reckon with our faith. There was a 7 yr old girl in a local church that died recently.. She wasn’t supposed make it past 2, the family sees the extra time as a blessing. Perspective is important. Interesting post though.. blessings



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