Though Your Beginning Was Small, Yet Your Latter End Should Greatly Increase

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Resurrection of Christ

Though Your Beginning Was Small, Yet Your Latter End Should Greatly Increase

Small Beginnings

If thou wert pure and of right, surely now He would awake for thee
and make the habitation of thy righteousness prosperous. Though thy
beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase

Job 8:6-7

Some people hear a message on divine prosperity and believe that God
promises this to believers. However, they respond: “Pastor, I come from
a poor family. All I can really hope is that one day I get out of debt.
I’m never going to reach a point of abundance, however, because I have
too far to go.”

Naturally speaking, it seems wise not to get your hopes up. But God
doesn’t care where your starting point is! Job’s friend told him that
if he turned toward God and lived right before God, God would cause his
house to greatly increase and be prosperous. This is true for you, too!

It doesn’t matter where you start from. It just matters whom you hook
up with. According to God’s system and God’s Word, if you stay with God
and do what He tells you to do, your end will be much greater than your

May the LORD bless Nigeria, American and Israel and take care of us; May the LORD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the Lord lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!

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